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A Voice in the Dark (2013)

A Voice in the Dark (2013) #4
Zoey agrees to attend a university sorority party. Not much happens but there is a lot of conversation in this issue. One of Zoey’s professors engages students to talk about the relative merits – if any – of capital punishment. Rated mature, this outing is a swing and a miss.

A Voice in the Dark (2013) #3
This series continues to entertain. While this issue is rather chatty, the ending more than makes up for it. Stay tuned as the next one promises to be a doozy!

A Voice in the Dark (2013) #2
This is a taut thriller as radio host Zoey tries to talk a suicidal high schooler from killing herself. The pace is good and the reader can’t help but hold his or her breath at times. An excellent issue, this should be rated mature.