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5 Questions with... 
Creator Austin Hamblin

1) On what project are you currently working?

I am finishing up the work on "The Adventures of Punk and Rock" graphic novel. The story follows two screw up space bounty hunters (Punk and Rock) and the third main character, the narrator, who not only narrates the comic, but also interacts with the characters and the reader, oh and he only narrates the comic because he needs to pay alimony to his ex wife. Myself and artist Scott Twells have self-published five issues in black and white. The graphic novel will be full color and full of extras, around 200 pages. This will be coming to Kickstarter soon! 

I also have a story in the upcoming "Kayfabe Wrestling Anthology," and a new book with Dom Black called the "Headless Hitman" as well as a bunch of other things I can't yet talk about. 

2) Whom in your field do you admire most and why?

Phil Hester. He's my mentor and the dude straight up loves comics. He makes some really weird comics, he makes the comics he wants to tell and is always willing to help out new creators.

3) How did you get into the comic book field?

As a reader I made my sister drive me 45 minutes to the closest comic book store and I was hooked. As I got older I knew I wanted to write them and eventually self published a book of shorts and the rest is history. I currently have 15 things published and am interning for Devils Due/First Comics.

4) On which title would you most like to work and why?

I would want an extended run on the Punisher kind of like the one Garth Ennis did. I always loved Frank Castle and it would be fun to try and wrap my head around his. I have always loved the street heroes of Marvel: Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Daredevil, etc.

5) On what project will you be working next?

None that I can talk about yet, accept for more Punk and Rock. I assure you many bad ass things on the way!

For more on Austin Hamblin, please visit here and here.

(posted May 15, 2016)