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Axis Hobgoblin #1
(2014 Marvel)

Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin, is a good guy now and has a new line of business: he helps people become superheroes.

The whole issue is full of him pitching his surefire approach to fame and glory because that's what he has become: a pitchman.

And it works!

He has legions of people following him, people who read his book, watch his DVDs, listen to his seminars, etc.

This book is clever in the way it portrays Kingsley as the quintessential businessman, to the point where he leases out his persona.

"You see, I've 'franchised' my brand. Which means people pay me... to BE me," he says.

A villain known as the Goblin King is watching Kingsley and is not pleased.

The teaser at the end is intriguing!

(posted March 30, 2015)