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Britannia (2016 Valiant) #1

This comic book is fun and unique.

Centurion Antonius Axia, called "The Detectioner," is charged by Roman Emperor Nero to travel to Britannia to uncover why some say there are monsters there and why troop morale is flagging.

 Before that, however, he is engaged by the vestal virgins to save one of their own and also confronts a mysterious being known as Orkus.

This issue has loads of fantasy and history as well as intrigue.

The story ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the reader jonesing for more.

Also, there is an essay at the end by Dr. Karen Klaiber Hersch, associate professor of Greek and Roman classics at Temple University called "The True Vestals of Rome."

This new title from Valiant is certainly promising!

(posted September 27, 2016)