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Charge: An All Superheroes Must Die Comic

Charge: An All Superheroes Must Die Comic

Someone in Metro City is killing off wannabe heroes with a new street drug called “90-S,” so-called because you explode after 90 seconds.

A small band of real superheroes finds the lab where “90-S” is made and sees a pretty weird scene.

Writers Jason Trost and Mark Poulton, artist Gavin Smith, letterer and producer Dexter Weeks have put together a fine book.

There are elements of “The Watchmen” as well as a backstory similar to Batman’s. What we have is a bunch of new superheroes and the extent of their powers has barely been touched.

The fact that it is in black and white lends to the grittiness of the story.

The ending of the story is surprising and is a great launch pad for issue #2.

This series is one to watch!

To see this issue's Kickstarter campaign, click here

and to see more of Mark Poulton's work, visit here

(posted March 23, 2015)