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Crescent City Magick

There are only four books in this series so far and each one is fantastic!

Clayton Woods is a drifter running from something he doesn't know or understand.

He winds up in New Orleans and is saved from some muggers by Julia, a self-proclaimed witch.

It is evident that Julia sees something in Clayton that others don't.

Maybe she can help him shake his paranoia about being observed.

And what would a story about New Orleans be without zombies? Clayton and Julia encounter some while trying to find out who is robbing graves.

The artwork is top-notch and the storyline intriguing.

If it isn't already, "Crescent City Magick" should be in the top five of recent independent comic books. Buy it today!

For more about "Crescent City Magick," please visit here, here, here, and here.

(posted May 15, 2016)