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Criminal (2015)
Special Edition #0 Savage


This one-shot is a lot of fun!

It is a book within a book.

It starts out with a black and white story about Zangar the Savage, clearly an homage to Conan the Barbarian.

Then we find we're not the only ones reading it as attention shifts to its reader, Teeg Lawless, a guy in jail in 1976. The sequences with him in them are in color.

The Zangar story is told sporadically in the book in black and white.

Lawless is in jail for a month but someone wants him dead sooner.

The end, which comes too soon, is not really the end at all.

The book itself is neat because it is oversized like the "Savage Sword of Conan" comic books, is meant to look beat up, and has a retro ad for a class in "The Awesome Secrets of Deadly Kung Fu."

The art is top-notch and captures the gritty, noir story it depicts.

If it hasn't been said in this space before it will be now: Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips can do no wrong!

(posted March 9, 2016)