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Dark Knight Returns
The Last Crusade
(2016 DC)

This excellent tale is a quick read in part because the story moves along at a brisk pace.

The Joker is back in Arkham Asylum - but for how long?

We see Batman feeling his age and taking a beating from Killer Croc.

He winds up in the arms of Selina Kyle, the former Catwoman, who helps him through his dilemma: when to call it quits and let Robin take the reins.

But, as Batman/Bruce Wayne makes clear several times, he doesn't think Jason is ready to take the mantle.

Batman notices how Robin is headstrong and cocky. We also see how Robin has a taste for the jugular, intentionally harming people whom he could easily incapacitate instead.

Also in this issue, we see a restrained but caring Alfred, who always has good advice when asked.

It's nice to see Frank Miller and John Romita, Jr. teaming up for this issue, which is a must for Batman fans.

(posted June 21, 2016)