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Frankenstein Underground #1 (2015)

You know you will fall in love with a title when Mike Mignola does the writing, Ben Stenbeck does the art, and Dave Stewart does the coloring.

That’s exactly the case with this comic book.

While set in the Hellboy universe, this story stands alone.

In it we find Frankenstein in Mexico in 1956 at a remote temple in the jungle. He tells his tale of his “birth” and subsequent harassment by people all over Europe starting in 1812.

A witch takes him in and tries to heal his wounds but the visit is short-lived when a French occult bookstore owner sends minions to capture the “monster.”

It is a masterful retelling of the classic Frankenstein story with the twists and flavor only Mignola can create.

The pace and dialogue are brisk and engaging and the reader instantly becomes invested in the protagonist’s story.

The next issue can’t come out fast enough!

(posted March 23, 2015)