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Marvel Visionaries: Gil Kane TPB (2002)

Gil Kane was one of the great ones!

No one could draw muscles the way he could and his style was fluid and dynamic.

This collection is a showcase of his great talent on several titles, including: Tales to Astonish # 76; Tales of Suspense # 88-91; Captain Marvel # 17; Amazing Spider-Man # 99; Marvel Premiere # 1 & 15; What If # 3 & 24; Daredevil # 146; & Marvel Comics Presents # 116.

Perhaps Kane's best work was in "What If" #3 (for which he also did the awesome cover) with colorist G. Roussos.

Also, it was Kane that introduced to the world the character of Iron Fist.

While compiling all of Kane's work would be a monumental challenge, this book does a fine job with its selection.

If you're a Kane fan, you will love this book. And, if you're just being introduced to his work, you're in for a real treat!

(posted June 29, 2015)