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Tale of the Batman
Gotham by Gaslight TPB (2006)

What if Jack the Ripper crossed the Atlantic to terrorize Gotham City?

And, what if Batman were there to seek him out?

That is the premise behind this fantastic story about Batman in the late 19th century.

There is treachery afoot as Bruce Wayne is framed for Jack’s murders and he must use his intense detective skills to bear.

The way Gotham reacts to Batman in the 1800s is identical to the way it considers him in modern times: is he friend or foe? Is he loose cannon vigilante or the savior of the city?

There’s everything you could want in a story: superheroics, courtroom drama, scandal, detective work, and at least one doozy of a surprise.

Kudos to Brian Augustyn for a truly engaging story and hats off to Michael Mignola for the mood set by his artwork.

(Posted February 23, 2015)