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Harrow County
(2015 Dark Horse) #1

Here is yet another win for Dark Horse!

A farmer's livestock have been stricken with some kind of malady. Is it because a witch he helped kill years before has come back?

The farmer's daughter, Emmy, has vivid dreams and even believes a blighted oak tree sometimes whispers to her.

Could Emmy be the witch who vowed vengeance against the townsfolk who killed her? And, if she is, what will the neighbors do about it?

Cullen Bunn's writing is crisp and truly evokes an earlier time in the 20th century. And, Tyler Crook's art appears to be water colors that work very well with the story.

The quote on the cover from Mike Mignola says it all: "A rare thing - both wonderfully charming and genuinely disturbing."

Get this issue!

(posted May 18, 2015)