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Independence Day (2016 Titan) #1

This story takes place immediately following the events from the 1996 movie "Independence Day."

One of the alien spacecraft that attacked cities all over the world has crashed into the Atlantic Ocean and the United States has sent a submarine to check it out.

Will they find the aliens alive? And, if so, what will they do with them?

The story moves quickly and the action is top notch. Also, the artwork isn't bad.

There is some solid character development and the principals' back stories are interesting.

In the back of the comic book is a timeline of events starting with Roswell in 1947 to the celebration of 20 years of global unity in July of 2016.

This comic book has some pretty big shoes to fill because the movie was awesome!

If you have never seen the film before, see it now!

(posted March 29, 2016)