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Indie Comics
(Aazurn Publishing)
# 1 

It's nice to see a new anthology of independent stories come along.

Thumbing through the six black and white stories, one is reminded of "Dark Horse Presents."

The first story, "Rohrr! Chapter 1: Why Did the Caveman Cross the Sea?" tackles the age old story of man vs. nature, where the line between predator and prey can be blurred.

In "Maketch Girl," a little girl who sells the drug maketch finds herself with no buyers and a dismal future. She starts to take the drug herself to escape her situation. Whether the ending is happy or sad depends on how one looks at the story.

"At Galaxy's Core: Raid on Rectory VII, Part I" is the third installment in this book. It takes the reader on a ride of science fiction complete with aliens and a Han Solo-like master thief.

If sexy vampires are your thing, then you'll enjoy "The Flame of Faith, Part I: Sharp's Mark." The protagonist, Sharp, awakens from drunken slumber with a tattoo and no recollection of what happened the night before. It is an engaging story and perfectly sets up the next installment.

The preface to the piece called "Silence" reads as follows: "Two aging adversaries converge for a final encounter. A hostile gathering to destroy the evil they believe each possess [sic]. A nefarious trait that must be silenced before the survivor will find eternal rest." One of the two is a samurai - 'nuff said!

"Night Errant," the last and best story in the collection, follows a vigilante with steampunk (it's also been called diesel punk) equipment. The story is too short, a lot of fun, and piques the interest.

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(posted August 6, 2016)