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James Bond #7
(2015 Dynamite)

This title continues to entertain!

Not only is there action and intrigue in exotic locales, there is also substantial character development.

In this issue, Bond is sent stateside to help extract a person whose cover has been blown.

But things are (as typical of a Bond story) not what they seem.

The reader zips through the book as it is not only quick to read but is turbocharged.

There is also a lot of graphic violence which may make it unsuitable for younger people to read.

Dynamite has done a wonderful job of bringing 007 to comic books and reaching audiences who may not have seen the Bond movies or have read the books on which they're based.

While each issue can stand on its own, reading from #1 is recommended.

Pick up a copy - you won't be disappointed!

(posted June 27, 2016)