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Jennifer the She-Wolf

This is an excellent first outing for creator and writer Luis M. Cruz!

Jennifer becomes a werewolf in the 1920s when bitten by one named Lykan in University City.

Fast forward to 2014 and she must face a horde of the undead in the same city.

The first part is drawn in black and white by Miky Ruiz and is interesting to look at. The second part, drawn by Henry Simon, is sleek and professional.

The storytelling is brisk and there are more questions to be answered, like: what happened between 1922 and 2014? How can Jennifer control her ability to, in her words, “wolf up?” What happened to her children? Who ordered the destruction of the undead? Who is Lykan?

The ending of the comic book leaves the reader wanting more.

Keep a lookout for this title!


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(posted February 23, 2015)