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Junior Braves of the Apocalypse
(2016 Oni Press)
Free Comic Book Day

As far as zombie comic books go, this one's a keeper!

The Junior Braves of Tribe 65 return home after a week only to find the place a mess and with no one else in sight.

That is until the zombies show up.

The kids must rely on each other and use their training to escape the undead swarming around them.

This comic book is a lot of fun and the pacing is just right. The artwork is solid, too.

This Free Comic Book Day title is an excerpt from book one of the Oni Press survival horror young adult series.

So, what will become of our little braves?

The ending is a cliffhanger that whets the appetite of the reader.

"Junior Braves of the Apocalypse" is meant for all ages and is an excellent title to read.

(posted May 15, 2016)