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Justice League Gods and Monsters
Batman #1 (2015) DC

This isn't your grandma's Batman story.

Kirk Langstrom was dying from cancer but, being a scientist, desperately searched for a cure.

He found it - but at a price.

Free of cancer he now must feed on blood to survive.

What is different about this protagonist is that he kills. He rationalizes that he is feeding on the dregs of society and that he is doing something good every time he feeds.

However, his conscience won't leave him alone. Who is he to judge who lives and who dies? Can't his victims have the chance to redeem themselves?

It is this conflict between being a hero and being a monster that tugs at the heart of the reader. We want to root for him but should we?

The storytelling is excellent and there are more than a couple of twists in the plot.

One note: this origin story is very similar to that of Michael Morbius in Marvel Comics.

If this first issue is any indication, the whole series is very promising!

(posted July 27, 2015)