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Justice League
Gods and Monsters Superman
#1 (2015) DC

DC is rocking the alternate histories of major characters with this series.

First, we have Batman become a killing vampire and now we have Superman as the son of poor migrant workers.

Instead of being found my Jonathan and Martha Kent, Kal-El is discovered by Manuel and Rosa Maria.

Devout Christians, the couple raise Hernan (Clark) to hide his powers and wait for a sign from God to reveal them.

Hernan is a typical teen who rebels against his parents and who rails against the unfairness of the world, especially against the people who break their backs for very little.

Hernan's father believes in the American dream, that one can get ahead in this country if one works hard enough.

Hernan keeps his powers hidden until someone provokes him and causes him to lash out.

This Superman is dark and cynical, a real departure from the popular one.

This isn't just a great Superman comic book, it's a great comic book. Period.

(posted August 3, 2015)