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Kill or Be Killed (2016 Image)

Written by Ed Brubaker and with art by Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser, this is an excellent comic book!

After a gripping opening where we find our hero (antihero?) dealing death to those whom deserve it, the story turns to the origins of a twentysomething vigilante named Dylan.

Dylan has a rather unremarkable life filled with disappointment and despair. When he decides to end it all, that's when the story gets weird.

Dylan struggles to accept the fact that he is obliged to kill people - bad people - because of the possibility that they may have changed over time.

So the question is: Is all life sacred? And, if not, who chooses to determine who is unfit to live?

This title, which just gets better and better, is a keeper!

(posted September 12, 2016)