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This graphic novel is intriguing.

A girl on a beach finds a man there who shouldn't be.

Some believe he is their savior, the person who will lead them off the island on which they have been stranded.

But not everything is as it seems.

The man has a plan but no one knows it until the end.

There's a lot of religious philosophy in this book, which is engaging.

Who will be saved? What signs and portents can be seen to determine the future?

The moral arguments are interesting as we learn more and more about the world these castaways have and the secrets they hold.

The main drawback to this book is the number of misspellings - they are irksome.

Although 241 pages, "Legacy" is a brisk read and is praiseworthy.

And here is the creator's Amazon page where readers can have access to all of his books.

(posted March 4, 2016)