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Mail-Order Mysteries HC 
Real Stuff from Old Comic Book Ads!
(2011 Insight)

This book is a lot of fun!

Not only does it include the ubiquitous ads from comic books that more than one generation of comics readers grew up on, it also rates the items being sold.

For each entry, the author uses four categories associated with it. They are: "We Imagined," "They Sent," "Behind the Mystery," and "Customer Satisfaction."

From "X-Ray Specs" to Sea Monkeys to Charles Atlas Fitness Program, it seems all of the mail-order items are reviewed.

For many a reader, this book is a trip down memory lane, written by a person who would in his youth plunk down allowance money and wait four to six weeks for his item to arrive.

It's a quick read and a joy to experience!

So if you're interested in sending money to a bookseller for "Mail-Order Mysteries," it is most likely to get to you sooner than an order for itching powder.

(posted July 16, 2016)