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Nazi Werewolves from Outer Space #1


If you want over-the-top campy sci-fi alternate history (or alternate future?), look no further!

The folks at Trauma Comics know how to deliver on what the title of their series promises: alien Nazi werewolves.

Adolf Hitler is alive and well, albeit with a gorilla's body, and is trying to create the fourth reich.

The tactics employed by the Nazi werewolves is similar to those used by the Nazis during World War II - some people are exterminated while others are kept to serve as zombie laborers.

Teenager Jack Lynch is determined to find and rescue his parents, who have been abducted by the bad guys. On his way, we see him take some of them out.

Warning: If gore bothers you, then skip this title. But, if not, grab a bowl of popcorn and take this comic book for a ride!

Find out more about "Nazi Werewolves from Outer Space"here and here.

(posted April 7, 2015)