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Punk Rock Jesus

"The way I see it, I'm the bastard child of America's runaway entertainment complex."

That's a quote from Chris, a boy who was supposedly cloned from Jesus Christ's DNA from the shroud of Turin.

Growing up on an island where his every move was recorded, Chris was the star of a reality series based on the assumption that he is actually the son of God.

As a teen he rebels in spectacular fashion and heads up a punk band called the Flak Jackets and renounces religion altogether.

One major force in this story is that of the New American Christians who are convinced Chris is the savior who come to see him as a blasphemer once he goes punk.

Perhaps the most interesting character in "Punk Rock Jesus" is Chris' bodyguard, Thomas McKael, an ex-Irish Republican Army soldier with a dark past.

This trade paperback does an excellent job in depicting modern America and its obsession with celebrity.

It starts off strong and gets better with every page.

This one's a keeper!

(posted October 18, 2016)