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Sagas of the Northmen

This compilation of seven stories is quite impressive!

They are set in different times and places, from Newfoundland to Constantinople, and feature Vikings of all stripes.

All of the chapters are in black and white and are drawn and written by a variety of artists and writers.

The stories are all interesting for different reasons and describe Viking culture in many ways.

Perhaps the most amazing story centers on a man who is outlawed for three years because he killed another man and how he survives the banishment.

Also, a curious choice is a chapter that uses the speech John F. Kennedy gave in 1962 that galvanized the space race and shows Vikings striking out from Greenland to encounter the unknown.

This is a solid anthology. Get a copy.

The comic book's publisher, Black Jack Press, can be found here on Facebook. The comic book can be purchased here.

(posted September 27, 2016)