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5 Questions with... 
Creator Shaun Whittaker

1) On what project are you currently working?
The Roughens: Based in Philadelphia around Bandit who’s a former ex-con turned vigilante. Bandit fights crime in North Philadelphia. He’s supported by a cast of others such as his archenemy the Skunk and an ageless voodoo magician from Haiti named the Envoker. Skunk and the Envoker have teamed up to obtain the Book of Mid-Hell; in which invokes Hell and the Prison Planet on Earth. Only Bandit and the two aliens from the Prison Planet can stop it—the aliens being Princess Okere and her bodyguard, an android named Humanoid, can stop the threats—with their handler, a powerful Rastafarian magician named Mr. Magic.

2) Whom in your field do you admire most and why?
I was never inspired by comic book writers, only Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in which I desire to become a new generation of Stan Lee & Jack Kirby. I grew up in the library and was more inspired by Shakespeare, Greek tragedies, J.R. Tolkien, Frank Herbert, H.G. Wells and mythology from all over the world, and strangely enough 18th Century Russian literature. 

3) How did you get into the comic book field?
I think it was 1986, I must have been 6 or7 when my older brother brought home "The Fall of the X-Men." I read that book and I became obsessed with the X-Men and comics. At age 12 , I vowed to write comics for life. At age 12, I always wanted to have a comic book company—I think I became engaged myself to DayDreamin Comics for matrimony.

4) On which title would you most like to work and why?
I would like to complete my fantasy novel that I worked on since 15. I also have a vault of comic ideas that I worked on since 12 that I wanted to work on for life. Two special projects are the Garden State War Journal & The Roughens which are a spin off of entire universe.

5) What project will you be working on next?
The Garden State War Journals & The Zodiac World

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