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Starburn #1

This is a solid first outing for the team at Markosia Enterprises.

In this story we meet the motley crew of the Starburn spacecraft.

Their mission? Pick up a package and get it to another planet.

Simple, right?

Not so.

As soon as they locate the package they are attacked by sand people.

What happens next is unexpected.

Make no mistake, these are not heroes. One crewmember, Ma'Ta, says it plainly: "We're scoundrels."

This issue does a nice job of mixing character development with action.

The reader will eagerly await issue two!

Writer and creator Kelly Bender can be emailed here, he can be found on Twitter here: @KellyBender17 and his blog can be found here.

Find Starburn on Comixology here.

(posted April 13, 2015)