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Life & Times of Allen White

The first thing one notices about this comic book is that it is sleek and stylish.

An attractive grad student takes a wrong turn late at night into a darkened alley. She is threatened until her hero, Stealth, comes along and kicks the butts of her would-be assailants.

The story also adds a layer of background as Allen White (Stealth) visits his police officer brother's grave to "talk" about what he's doing as a champion of justice.

It is that "exchange" between brothers that Allen becomes three dimensional, that we learn he is deeply ambivalent about what he does and has a crisis of conscience.

What the creators of this comic book have done is introduce an interesting, complex superhero who captures the audience's imagination.

Also, there are some pinups at the end of the comic book with one, by Mshindo Kuumba, that is truly amazing!

Get in on the ground floor with this title - it is more than worth it!

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(posted July 16, 2016)