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The Fade Out
(2014 Image) #5

The team up of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips is unstoppable!

They do noir and they do it well.

Even if the reader jumps into the story in this issue, he or she won't be lost. It will, however, send him or her running out to buy the previous issues.

In this issue we find hard-nosed Phil Brodsky, a member of a movie studio's security, and blacklisted screenwriter Gil Mason cross paths. Brodsky waxes poetic while overtly threatening Mason to keep quiet about what he knows.

Also, screenwriter Charlie Parish recalls when he and now-dead starlet Valeria Sommers found some pretty freaky stuff in the woods with co-founder of Victory Street Pictures Al Kamp.

Again, Brubaker and Phillips know how to write about Hollywood in the 1940s and each frame is a joy to look at. The pacing is good as well.

If you haven't begun reading "The Fade Out" yet, do yourself a favor and get on board. Once you start with this title, you'll only want more!

(posted May 4, 2015)