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The Massive TPB
(2013-2015 Dark Horse)

These first 30 issues of "The Massive" make up the five trade paperbacks of the same title.

In this series the reader follows the exploits of the crew of the Kapital, a vessel used to harass and disable whaling ships. It has lost contact with its much larger ship partner, the Massive.

The main character is Captain Callum Israel, a former mercenary turned environmentalist who is haunted by false sightings of the Massive as he navigates his ship after "the Crash."

"The Crash" started in the late 2000s and is called such because in the space of a few years everything went south for the world: economic, societal, political, agricultural, and environmental ruin.

Israel heads up environmentalist group Ninth Wave and many of the people in his crew are fascinating in their own right.

What Brian Wood has done here is introduce a cast of complex characters struggling to understand the role they must play in this new dystopia.

There is much soul-searching as each crew member wonders about the relevance of Ninth Wave's mission now that the world has gone to hell.

"The Massive" is a thinking person's post-apocalyptic tale that belongs in everyone's collection.

(posted June 10, 2016)