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Five Questions with...
Writer/Creator Todd Black

1) On what project are you currently working?

I am currently writing a comic series called "Guardians." It is the first comic series I've ever written, and it is my own creation with my own characters and stories. We've already written seven issues, with an eighth being made right now! It's very exciting! In fact, I was at C2E2 (that's the Chicago Comic-Con) this year as a member of Artist Alley!

2) Whom in your field do you admire most and why?

I admire a LOT of people in the field. Especially the ones that talk to me! LOL. I enjoy hearing Jimmy Palmiotti and Gail Simone on Twitter, cause they're very honest, and they help support other comic folk. Oh, and they're great comic writers, too!
Honestly, if you're in the field of comics, I admire you, because you're there, and you're (hopefully) doing what you want to be doing. I had a friend get into Marvel recently, and she's enjoying herself immensely. I would love to be at that point one day.

3) How did you get into the comic book field?

Luck...no not really, LOL. I had been reading comics for about two years or so, but I had grown up on superhero shows for the record, and I went to my first C2E2 in my junior year of college because I was in Chicago at the time. I went to a "Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way" panel there, and I had a loose idea of a comic I would like to write and I asked Matt Fraction what I should do. He said, "If you want to make comics, make an ad, find an artist, and make the comic".
It took a while to be honest, but eventually I found two guys willing to help me, and we made "Guardians" #0. Then one had to drop out, and my then colorist, Alex Garcia, asked me if I would let him do the whole thing. And I let him, and now we're eight issues in, and I can't imagine the comic without Alex.

4) On which title would you most like to work and why?

Currently? That's a tough question. Because I like a lot of the teams that are doing the comics I read, and of course they're all about to go into flux because of Convergence and Secret Wars. Based on the right now though? I would say "Aquaman" for DC (just picking one to be fair), and "Uncanny X-Men" for Marvel.
For "Aquaman," I love the character, and thanks to Geoff Johns via the New 52, "Aquaman" is the boss character he should be. Also I love Mera, she's an EPIC character who doesn't get all the love she deserves. I would be honored to write on that series to further show why Aquaman is a great DC Comics character.
For Uncanny X-Men it's really about my enjoyment of Cyclops. He's awesome to me, and though controversial in some ways, the recent X-Men arc showed why he's one of the greatest X-Men ever, and I would love to make a story showing him in the light that I see him in.
To be honest though, if I was offered a chance to work at DC or Marvel, I'd ask to do a new book. One based on a character that hasn't been done in a while, or has never had a solo-series. For DC for example, my top two comics I'd love to do for them is SHAZAM! and Poison Ivy. Both are great characters who deserve some love, and I'd be honored to give them that through my stories.
In the case of Marvel, I'll stick with the mutants and say Rogue deserves a solo-comic. Storm got one, Wolverine had numerous, so why not Rogue? She's a deep character who has numerous struggles to go through, even with being "fixed" in recent arcs of various series. She's amazing to me, and I'd love to explore her character even more.

5) On what project will you be working next?

For now it's just Guardians, which is fine, cause I have plenty of stories to tell for them. I'd love to get popular enough to do spinoffs of Guardians, cause I have ideas for them too. I also have some possible new ideas for series bouncing around in my mind... so you never know.

To see more about "Guardians," go here, here, and here.

(posted June 29, 2015)