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5 Questions with... 
Tony DiGerolamo

1) On what project are you currently working?

As always, I'm working on the regular comics that appear on the Webcomic Factory: In A Relationship, Intergalactic Medical Doctor, I Hate my Kids, Willy's Space Dive, Tales of Pizza, Pin Junkies and So Many Nightmares, as well as Super Frat. I'm also freelancing at Bongo working on the Simpsons and Bart Simpson comics.

2) Whom in your field do you admire most and why?

Well, there are many, but I have to say my top guy has always been Jack Kirby. The late stuff he did for Topps comics was just amazing. He really knew how to lay the groundwork for 1,000 issues and then some.

3) How did you get into the comic book field?

I was rejected by most other media. I started self-publishing with the Jersey Devil.

4) On which title would you most like to work and why?

Working on my own titles is the best reward, but I wouldn't mind working Batman or Spider-Man. My comedy background would definitely be a bonus with Spider-Man. Mostly, I'd like to raise the bar with comic book writing. So much of it is the same and boring.

5) On what project will you be working next?

Well, I have Lester Crenshaw is Dead coming out from Comic Mix in October. And I had my first Simpson's Treehouse of Horror story in #22, it's a Ghostbusters parody called Ghostbashers.

(posted October 18, 2016)