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Year of the Goat

For reasons unknown, goats are rising up all over America's rural areas and dispatching humans with a lot of gore.

Does it have something to do with birds unleashing the goats' bloodlust?

They are admittedly evil and find all kinds of unique ways to kill humans.

Much of what the goats do is payback for the terrible things people do to animals.

But that's not their main objective, which appears to be the elimination of humans.

Most of the humans portrayed are idiots of one stripe or another and one is a zoophile.

Tom Spellman, Rafael Chrestani, and John Rudwall have put together a fine comic book.

Everything works in this issue: the dialogue, the pacing, and, of course, the excellent artwork.

Be warned, this issue is intended for mature audiences only.

Keep your eyeballs peeled for this title!

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(July 13, 2015)